if u watch closely while i take tests u can see me mouthing profanity at the test paper

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stop for just one second.

think about all the people you’ve secretly had a crush on. all the people you’ve found attractive, but never said anything to. every stranger you’ve temporarily fallen in love with on public transportation. all the people you’ve dreamt of and thought of in the early mornings.

and now take a moment to realize that you have been this person for so many people… and you have no idea.

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if you tell someone ‘no’ and they respond with “FINE……….” or “guess ill be all alone….” or “its okay im used to having my hopes crushed…….” or any of that guilt-inducing passive aggressive fuckery, cut them straight out of your life because you never deserve to feel bad for setting boundaries or speaking your mind.

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"Forgive my introversion,
but do not mistake my fortress for walls,
or my kindness for a weakness.
For the fortress is not there for my protection,
but for yours."

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i’m that kind of person who between two choices always pick the wrong one

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